About Us

SAMDOOR is a brand of AYC›N GROUP, which has been continuously improving its services with 28 years of experience and a sense of high-quality product and service.

AYC›N GROUP has been in business since 1987 and it is one of the most prestigious companies in this sector with absolute customer satisfaction, and the group has created SAMDOOR brand by considering these and placing importance on continuous change and development.

SAMDOOR manufactures ergonomic, high-quality, eco-friendly, 3D door models for new generation interiors. With its professional staff, who can work with standard and non-standard sizes in all product groups, SAMDOOR offers high-quality service.

Before each project, SAMDOOR gets the customer’s approval by providing a preliminary project after the designing process. SAMDOOR aims to increase its brand value, product quality, pricing and delivery conditions, and after-sales service.